Morinaga Chil-Kid Step 3 Milk Powder (1-7 years)

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Morinaga Malaysia | First Japanese Milk Formula in Malaysia

Morinaga Chil-kid is formulated with a balanced ratio of AA & DHA, GOS, and well sufficient amount of 5 Nucleotides, to provide the optimal nutrients for young children from 1 year and above.

Childhood memories are precious – you will never forget those happy childhood memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. For example, the first day of school, the first birthday party, the first milk formula…

Morinaga Chil-kid is a Japanese formula specially designed for Asian children from 1-7 years old. It contains a mild vanilla taste and is enriched with essential nutrients, to support the optimum growth and development of your loved ones.

Features & Benefits :

27 Vitamins and Minerals, which are sufficient to satisfy fast-growing children.
Enriched with well-balanced five nucleotides, which help promote increase of bifidobacteria and intestinal development
Fortified with Galacto-oligosaccharides, which help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, such as bifidobacteria
Enriched with DHA which is essential fatty acid for brain function and nervous system


Why Choose
Morinaga Chil-kid?

Packed with over 45 essential nutrients Well-balanced nutrients such as AA+DHA, GOS, 5 Nucleotides, Omega 3&6 LCPs and 27 Vitamins and Minerals, which are sufficient to satisfy fast-growing children.
Suitable for Asian children Balanced ratio of AA+DHA, Protein, Fat and Energy are specifically designed according to Asian children’s physique.
100+ years Morinaga R&D Institute in Japan Japanese formulation that supplies essential nutrients in the ratio that children need, based on the international standard of growing up milk formula and the latest scientific research.
Rigorous of European Union (EU) quality control Produced and packed in a state-of-art plant in the Netherlands. From the dairy farm to transportation until the end of the product, the nutrition, hygiene and quality of the milk formula are our top priorities.
Stringent quality control with double inspections process Went through a quality assurance process at our factory in the Netherlands with samples sent to Morinaga Japan for a second inspection before the product is released into the market.

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