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Why Molfix Extra Dry Pants?

New Molfix Extra Dry Pants hugs your baby with it’s gentle cottony softness to protect your baby’s skin; you will feel it with your first touch. The special Super Puffy Belt hugs your baby’s waist to provide the most delicate care and highest comfort for him/her. Moreover, it provides high protection with unique extra dry absorbent. With the help of rapid dry wavy surface your baby feels dry & comfortable. Let new Molfix Extra Dry Pants bring your baby better softness & dryness.


Extra Dry Layer This extra layer of Molfix makes absorption much faster and easier. It also helps the liquid to be distributed evenly instead of accumulating at one point. Thus, your baby feels dry&comfortable
Gentle Cottony Softness & Super Puffy Belt Molfix brings your baby’s skin a feeling of gentle cottony softness. You can feel it with your first touch.
Wetness Indicator Our wetness indicator makes it easy to know when your baby’s diaper needs to be changed by changing color.


Tape & Throw Practical and easy to throw away with disposal tape.









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Diapers are disinfected with Ultraviolet Light before being packed in lines.
***Topsheet disinfected during protection, based on test result on S.aureus, E.coli, C.albinas,P.aeruginosa.


The outer packaging does not contain bacteria thanks to the protective material in its.
**The polybag is antibackterial to protect the diapers inside, based on lab test result on bacteria S.aureus and E.coli

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S 66+2's, M 60+2's, L 48+2's, XL 42+2's, XXL 36+2's, XXXL 20+2's


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