Wyeth S-26 Progress Growing-Up Formula

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Growth and development both physically and mentally are fundamental in building a strong foundation for learning during the childhood years. Let’s support your child’s growth with S-26 PROGRESS with Nutrissentials starting from now.

S-26 PROGRESS Supports Your Child’s Growth with Unique Nutrients

Specifically formulated to help better support your child’s growth and development in establishing a strong foundation for learning.


AA & DHA – Increase level* of AA and DHA. *Compared to previous formulation: AA (15.5mg/100g) and DHA (10.7mg/100g)
Lutein – To protect the eyes by filtering blue light.3
Oligofructose – A soluble dietary fibre that is important to support digestion
Calcium & Vitamin D – To aid in the development of strong bones and teeth.5











Choline – Increased level of Choline*, an essential nutrient important in learning. *Compared to previous formulation
Alpha Lactalbumin Protein – Whey protein is easier to be digested and absorbed by the body.
No Added Sucrose









Key Nutrients Comparison Table

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*Based on products label information of selected brands as of November 2020.

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