Friso Gold Step 3 Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder

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  • Quality NOVAS Signature Milk
    Contains naturally small molecules with soft structure
  • No Added Sucrose or Flavour
    Lighter taste, more natural goodness
  • Natural Nutrients. Easy to Digest. Stronger Inside.
    Easy to digest nutrients for stronger inside.







NEW Upgraded with NOVAS™ Signature Milk

Nutrient in its native structure is easy to digest. However, overheating during milk production may alter its structure and destroy the nutrient. Friso Gold with new LocNutri™ technology preserves nutrient in it’s native structure.

Give your child the nutrition he needs with Friso Gold for an easy digestion, thus allowing him to be stronger inside.





Over 50 Essential Nutrients to support your little one’s growth


Friso® Gold, naturally nourishing your little ones with Easy to Digest nutrients so they can be strong inside to experience more with you.


Friso® Gold is Different. Good Different.
Why locking in natural nutrient is so important

Keeping it natural, so that it is easy to digest.

Nutrients in their natural state are much easier for delicate tummies to digest. This means your child’s tummy doesn’t get stressed and there is less chance of them getting constipated. Which is important for building a strong digestive system, supporting immunity and providing required energy for development.

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900G, 1.2KG


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