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Shee Shee diaper made in Malaysia, produce by Leading manufacturer with over 15years export experience. The company are with ISO certified and proudly the product quality achieve world class standard.

All diapers are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash. Materials only used which have been confirmed safety & gentle for baby’s skin.

The keypoint of the product is in velcro tape (easy use) , breathable cloth with ultra-absorbent layers with strong urine absorption & comfortable for everyday uses. Anti-leak design to keep baby dry and comfy all the times.

The item are develop for parent require economy affordable price with safety specification.

5 Loving Treats Feature

1.Velcro Pants

Able to fasten even when comes into contact with powder or cream

2.Fragrance Free

Prevent possibility of skin irritation

3.Open/Standing twin side -leakage guards

For more effective side leakage control during heavy wetting

4.Super Absorbent Drylock Core

Superior absorbency and better liquid retention

5.Cloth-Like Backsheet

Provides extra comfort to baby and parent when carrying the baby

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M 42's, L 36's, XL 30's, XXL 24's


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