Diapex Wonder Pants Diapers

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DIAPEX Wonder Pants

Easy to wear and specially designed for the active baby and busy working mothers. DIAPEX Wonder Pants are feature with Wonder Grips which will provide 360 degree all round waistband for Firmer & Softer Fits to your love one.

It comes with 3 packing sizes, Convenient Pack, Jumbo Pack and Super Jumbo Pack

Product Benefits

Cheerful backsheet design for different sizes.
5X Superior Absorbency. Embossed top sheet enhanced by anti bacterial SAP for ultra dryness and quick absorbency that keeps baby’s skin fresh and dry.
360° All round Waistband for Firmer & Softer Fit.
Roll up and secure the used diaper with disposal sticky tape.








Size Chart & Specification

Weight 7 – 12kg 9 – 13kg 12 – 17kg Over 13kg
Packaging Size (Pieces)
Convenient Pack 14 12 10 8
Jumbo Pack 40 36 30 24
Super Jumbo Pack 60 50 40 32
Baby Stage

Additional information


M 60+4's, L 50+4's, XL 40+4's, XXL 32+4's


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