Diapex Easy Day Pants Diapers

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As your lil’ tyke grows up ands starts actively learning new things 😄, it’s a good time for them to make the switch to training pants.
Wearing DIAPEX Easy Day Pants enables them to be less dependent on diapers as they start their potty training 🚽, while reducing the risk of potty accidents.
Get DIAPEX Easy Day Pants so you can train your kid with confidence!

Product Benefits

Learning to use to potty
Playing more actively
Taking their first steps








Size Chart & Specification

Weight 6 – 11 kg 9 – 14kg 12 – 17kg Over 14kg
Packaging Size (Pieces)
Convenient Pack 5 5 4 4
Jumbo Pack 22 20 18 14
Super Jumbo Pack 44+6 40+6 30+4 26+4
Baby Stage

Additional information


M 44+6's, L 40+6's, XL 30+4's, XXL 26+4's


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